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Schools need help to share rooms, ICT resources and facilities when they are free. The Freeperiod booking system solves this problem and is currently used by schools throughout the UK and Middle East.

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Students of the School of Pharamacy and Biological Sciences At Queen's University Belfast have the freedom to access their timetables through Google Calendar. School staff upload Excel timetable data to the sendtocalendar website which integrates with Google Calendar. QUB Students in China use the bespoke sendtocalendar app as a workaround to the Great Firewall of China and blocking of Google Calendar.

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Tringa App

The Tringa App is an activity diary which supports a clinical study being conducted by the University of York. The clinical study is designed to evaluate women’s use of a vaginal ring device. A small sensor embedded in the device regularly records temperature measurements. The project team are interested to know if the temperature data can be used to determine whether the ring is is in place within the vagina or has been removed.


What people are saying...

"If you want a website that's easy to use and does everything you want this is the one for you. Booking rooms and equipment has never been easier, before we used Freeperiod everything was slow being booked on paper or email but now it's all done online so it gives us time to other things. I requested other equipment to be put on our site and this was done within the hour, fantastic."

Mark Smith, Network Manager, North Shore Health Academy, Stockton on Tees, England.

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